Blackpool Half Marathon: Thoughts

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Blackpool Half Marathon: Known for its flat route and pre marathon pace setting runners.

This is the second half marathon I have ran. I’m happy to report this race was MUCH better than the first half marathon I competed in. Reasons for this? Largely due to much better on the road training, wiser choices around nutrition and a great deal more mental preparation.

If you have read my other posts around marathon training, you’ll know i’m gearing up for the Manchester Marathon at the end of April 2012. The Blackpool Half Marathon is often used as a great opportunity to reach a P.B (Personal Best). I am pleased to say I shaved a decent 12+ minutes off my PB.

Conwy: 2:09:15

Blackpool: 1:56:49


Pre Race Training:

There are many training plans out there that can help you with half marathon and full marathon training preparation.

A few sites:


Runners World

The BEST advice that I can offer would be to get yourself a Running Buddy and Personal Trainer who can both keep you on track.

Your personal trainer can give you the confidence that you need to know you can achieve your goal and will advise you on how to keep fit, healthy and safe whilst putting your body through a tough challenge.

Your running buddy will help to keep you focused, help to push you when you think you’re struggling and helps to take the pressure off your back. You’re running together, this is not just about you, it’s about them too. You’ll be there for them when they need you and vice versa.

The Race:

Race day always starts with a decent breakfast. Medium sized bowl of porridge, blueberries and honey. 1 x Banana. Viper Active Drink (Brilliant for energy and hydration).

For those that read my previous post on the Conwy Half Marathon you’ll remember I stood with the folks on the start line expecting to complete the marathon in under 1:30:00 (Optimist). This year, I did the same :-)

For the first maybe 5 or so miles, my pace was between 7.5 and 8.5 minute miles which would have meant me finishing the half in around 104 minutes (ish). That would be 1:44:00. For the next 6 miles I fluctuated between around 8 to 9.5 minute miles.

On this note, Mile 8, BIG thanks to Brian. I slowed right down to a walk, legs feeling like lead and head slightly all over the place. I felt Brians hand on my back and a gentle prod saying:

Come with me, keep moving, you’ve got this.

I’d have believed anything Brian said at that point! We chatted up until Mile 11, he’s a great man to know! He told me how many marathons and half marathons he’d done… I can’t remember the figure but I was impressed! We even had a sing along. (True Babs style).

At Mile 11, which was a slight stumbling block for me on the Conwy Half too, I had to slow right down and catch my breath.Quickly followed by a word with myself. Those last 2 miles were pretty tough but Mum and Aunty Hilda were waiting for me in between Mile 12 and 13!

So off I sprinted after seeing Aunty H and giving a thumbs up to the finish line!






The Recovery:

Much, MUCH better this round. I have a slight injury on my left leg which has been giving me trouble for a few weeks but that’s a different story…

Best tips for recovery: Stretch as much as you can straight after the race. Get some protein and fluids in you quickly. If you can handle an ice bath, do it!

Next Steps:

8 weeks until Manchester Marathon. I’ve got some miles to run!

Very much looking forward to completing my first full marathon.


  1. A pleasure to run with you at Blackpool.
    You did really well, especially as you were really pushing once I’d given you a gentle nudge. Maybe if we hadn’t pushed it so much to Queen, you wouldn’t have needed that second breather.
    Good luck in the marathon

    • Thanks Brian. I’ll be working on pace!

  2. I’m wondering if one should have a pre-race strategy and if so, how to plan the race according to it. At the moment, in training I’m just running to complete distance. What are your thoughts?

    • Hi Muzzy, yes a pre-race strategy will be better for you. You’ll be able to plan your running up and towards the race which will allow you to get a strong time on race day. You can also monitor your carb intake (for slow release energy)ready for the race. I’ll email you what you need to know!


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