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BODYBALANCE 55 Tracklist

Posted by on Dec 3, 2011 in Blog | 0 comments

BODYBALANCE 55 Tracklist is gonna be a tough one to beat BODYBALANCE 54. Some of these links are linked to original artists to give you a feel for the music. As always, the music when covered by another artist will be suited to the programme. Here it is: Tai Chi Warmup : Forever Lost (Conjure One) Sun Salutations : Get Some (The Influence) Standing Strength : The Last Dance (Radiator Of Elegance) Balance : Iā€™m No Angel (Suburban Shorn) Hip Openers : Love, Love, Love (Avalanche City) Core ā€“ Abdominals : Lost In The World (de la Roche) Core ā€“ Back : Science & Faith (The Script) Twists...

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